Overeducated and Unemployed

     When you first walk across your graduation stage, blushing and beaming in response to the cheers and whistles of the crowd, you feel as if you could do anything.  You see your parents teary eyes and allow them to embrace you in shaky hugs as they tell you how proud they are.  You turn to your supportive boyfriend who has stuck with you through nearly eight years of epic culinary failures, an increased waistband due to your successes, and countless panic attacks and emotional breakdowns (on both of your parts) due to multiple sleepless, stressful nights and your overwhelming lack of confidence.  You expect him to hug you and praise your achievements.  He tells you, “Congratulations! You’re overeducated and unemployed!”

     Thanks, hun.

     Its been three months since my boyfriend told me that, and I’m still unemployed.  My dreams of becoming a food writer have been threatened each and every day by my dwindling bank account and feelings of inadequacy.  While I consider my hours watching cake decorating how-to’s on youtube and marathons of Beat Bobby Flay time well spent, I also feel that it can be time better spent on exercising my own creative outlets of writing, baking, and cooking.

     Much to the misfortune of my gluten-allergic sister, its time for my culinary and baking experiments to begin in all of their flour-y glory.  However, I’m not an entirely horrendous sister, so keep a look out for the gluten-free experiences that will appease her hungry tummy and keep the peace in our shared household.